Ali, a white woman with long blonde hair

Ali Hand

Singer | Dancer | Actor

Ali, a blonde, blue eyed woman with her hair in a high pony and an anxious look on her face has her arms full and is frantically waving a tap shoe in the air.


My name is Ali and I am a Toronto based musical theatre performer and advocate on a journey with the goal of singing show tunes, telling stories, and making this wild industry inclusive and accessible for those who create and those who consume!

Since graduating from Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts I have been constantly performing and training allegedly bringing an unforgettable quirk to stages all over in roles such as Anne in Anne of Green Gables and Little Sally in Urinetown (yes, I play a lot of children).  If I’m not in a studio, on a stage, or studying you can probably find me on a hike or baking bread. 

My agent thinks I'm cool...

Cat MacFarlane- daCosta Talent